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Sneakers made from Sneakers.

Handmade in Spain.

A unique blend of sustainability, artistry, and comfort.

Each pair of our unique sandals is meticulously handcrafted from donated footwear pieces. Our artisans skillfully transform these items into stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces, preserving their original essence and the stories they carry.

Our ReClick sandals also feature intricate hand-stitched crochet patterns, crafted from threads spun from recycled plastic bags. This innovative use of materials not only adds a distinct aesthetic appeal but also contributes significantly to plastic waste reduction.

Our artisanal method ensures that no two pairs are alike, offering you a unique footwear experience. You won't just be wearing a pair of shoes, but a carefully crafted piece of sustainable fashion.

Step into a greener future in style and comfort with ReClick Footwear.

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